About Us

Our business began in Spain, but we have served clients in the East since 2015. It is our goal to assist you in achieving your goals. As a result, we treat you and your money with the respect we all deserve. What are our options? With simple methods for spending, saving, and budgeting. We can assist you in buying your first yacht or vacation house or teach your high school student how to open and use a bank account. We believe treating you, and your money respectfully is the first step toward prosperity at VantageFX.inc.
It was decided to select one of the world’s greatest financiers as the company’s CEO. However, not every financier is capable of considering how to run a brokerage firm as a whole.

Adrian Griffiths, a very ambitious entrepreneur, and the manager was hired for this job, having proven himself an outstanding financier in some of the world’s largest hedge funds over his professional career.

Adrian commissioned various Work & Travel Programs at the company’s inception, which allowed financial geniuses from all over the world to come into a brokerage firm and obtain real experience.

VantageFX.inc believes that the world right now requires more practitioners than thinkers.

After the program’s first year, the company employed dozens of individuals for various jobs, ready to fulfill the complete spectrum of duties and demonstrate it in practice.

By 2016, the company had 300 highly qualified specialists on staff.

Finland and Norway have opened offices.

By 2017, the company had inked contracts with several unknown hedge funds worldwide.

CySEC, FINMA, and IIROC issued licenses in 2018.

The year 2019 marks the beginning of the CIS countries’ market, and the tools for speculating have been enhanced.

WTC awarded 2019 the title of “Broker of the Year in the CIS.”

We have nearly 10,000 employees worldwide as of 2021. In addition, our experts are located on every continent, allowing us to cover all time zones.

Terms and Conditions

Good day, traders!

VantageFX.Inc would like to extend a warm welcome to you!

However, before you open an account and begin trading Forex, we respectfully request that you thoroughly review the regulations for trading financial markets with VantageFX.Inc.

VantageFX.Inc wishes you continued trading success!

Contact Us

If you have any further questions or would want to make a suggestion for the site’s growth, please contact us. Any ideas or suggestions are welcome.
Simply complete the form to the right, and your voice will be heard. All information is kept private and cannot be shared over the internet. We also guarantee that you will not get any unsolicited email. There is no fresh information, merely comments from the administration.


    Know that to avoid identity theft, money laundering, financial fraud, and terrorist activities, and your customer policy is becoming increasingly vital worldwide, particularly among banks and other financial institutions.

    VantageFX.Inc has a zero-tolerance policy for fraud and takes all reasonable steps to prevent it. Any fraudulent behavior will be noted, and any accounts linked will be canceled promptly. These accounts will be emptied of all funds.


    VantageFX.Inc uses numerous security measures and fraud control to maintain the integrity of any confidential data that it gets, such as information about your account and transactions that you make. We need specific information from you to secure your electronic transactions, including your preferred deposit method.

    We’ll require the following documents when you make a deposit:

    1. a copy of your valid passport with a signature page;
    2. copies of your credit cards used to make a deposit (front side with only the last four digits visible, rear side with CVV);
    3. a recent utility bill with your name and address on it;
    4. Your online transactions with us have a signed purchase history.

    Please contact our customer service at support@Vantage-fx.com if you have any questions.

    What is the deadline for submitting these documents?

    We appreciate you making an effort to send us all the relevant documentation as soon as possible so that we can complete transactions as quickly as feasible. Before performing any money transactions from your account, we must get the appropriate documentation.

    Sometimes, we may need to seek these papers before allowing you to make any additional changes to your accounts, such as deposits or transactions.

    Please note that pending withdrawals will be canceled and paid back to your trading account if we do not obtain the required papers. We’ll send you an email if something like this happens.

    What is the best way for me to transmit these materials to you?

    Scan your documents or snap a high-quality photo with your digital camera, save the photos in JPEG format, and email them to support@Vantage-fx.com.

    How can I be sure my documents are safe?

    VantageFX.Inc prioritizes the security of paperwork and treats all documents it receives with the utmost respect and confidentiality. At every stage of the verification process, all the files we receive are safeguarded using the highest degree of encryption available.

    We appreciate your assistance in making VantageFX.Inc a safer place to trade.

    AML Policy


    VatageFX.Inc has a zero-tolerance policy for money laundering and actively participates in anti-money laundering efforts.

    VatageFX.Inc currently supports the policy of not allowing clients to launder money. The company adheres to the following rules as a result of this policy:

    Ensure each client is properly identified by keeping track of their identifying information. For example, identify among clients anyone who has ever been suspected of being involved in terrorism or unlawful financial operations.

    Clients should be informed that the information they provide to the company can be used to verify their identity. In addition, clients’ money transactions should be closely monitored. Cash, remittances, transactions from third parties, exchange office transfers, and Western Union transfers should not be accepted.

    Money laundering happens when funds from unlawful or criminal activities pass through the financial system.


    To begin, money or money equivalents are deposited in the financial system.

    Second, money is transferred to other accounts (such as futures accounts) through a series of financial transactions that smooth away the money’s origin (for example, performing transactions with little or no financial risk or transferring balances on accounts to other accounts)

    Finally, as obtained from legitimate sources, the monies are reintroduced into circulation (for example, closing a futures account and transferring funds to a bank account).

    The best technique to launder unlawful funds or disguise information about the true owner of the funds is to use a brokerage company’s trading accounts. A trading account, in instance, can be used to conduct financial transactions that assist conceal the source of income.

    VatageFX.Inc sends money back to the original source of remittances as a preventive measure.

    Organizations involved in combating money laundering at the international level require financial services companies to be aware of possible money laundering abuses that may arise on the client’s trading account and implement a prevention program to detect, deter and report on potential suspicious activities.

    VatageFX.Inc fully complies with the recommendations of international organizations to counteract illegal financial flows to protect the company and its clients.

    If you have any questions or comments on the company’s policy regarding combating money laundering, please contact us via e-mail at support@Vatage-fx.org.


    Refund and Return Policy

    VatageFX.Inc (hereafter referred to as the firm) has a refund policy to decrease the company’s financial and legal risks, as well as to comply with anti-money laundering principles and the Know Your Customer policy (hereinafter referred to as the policy AML&KYC).

    If there have been no trading operations within a month of replenishing the client’s trading account, the company has the right to refund the cash to the sender at its discretion.

    The company reserves the right to return funds received through any payment channel, including credit and debit cards, if necessary. Refunds will be paid to the same account or electronic wallet the client used to make the purchase.

    The customer agrees not to compel the bank or the issuer of the credit / debit card to withdraw funds already credited while and after using the company’s services when replenishing an account opened with a bank (including using a bank card). In the event of a recall, the company has the right to restrict access to the client’s account, freeze the client’s balance, and refund money to the client without deducting the cost of all services and fees that the customer is responsible for.

    The organization will take all necessary steps to prevent and block third-party monies from entering and exiting the client’s account. Except in the case of giving a photocopy of a third party’s demand to replenish the client’s account using his electronic wallet, bank card, or bank account, only the account owner can deposit and withdraw monies from the account. This criterion must be handwritten and signed by a third party, who must also go through the company’s thorough verification process as a client. On the other hand, the corporation has the authority to decline this refill procedure at its discretion.

    Cookies Policy

    In compliance with the General Regulation on Data Protection (EU) 679/2016, VantageFX.Inc (“Us”, “we”, or “our”) uses cookies on https://vantage-fx.com/ and services (hereinafter “services”). You consent to the usage of cookies by using the service.

    This policy (the “Cookies Policy”) explains what cookies are, how we use them, how third parties with whom we work can use them on the service, and how you can manage cookies and other related information.

    What exactly are cookies?

    When you visit a website, a web server installs small text files called cookies on your computer or mobile device. A cookie is a small text file saved in your browser that allows the service or third parties to recognize you and make your next visit easier and more useful.

    What are cookies, and how do we use them?

    We may put many cookies in your web browser when you use and access the service. Cookies enable some features of the service, such as providing statistics, storing your preferences, and delivering advertising. “Persistent” cookies and “session” cookies are two types. Session cookies are used. We may also employ other commonly used similar sorts of technology as part of our efforts to provide you with the best service (such as pixels, events, and screen recordings).

    What are the different sorts of cookies that we use?

    Cookies are divided into five categories:

    Strictly necessary cookies:

    these cookies are required for you to log in, navigate, and utilize the features of our service, or for us to perform the service you requested (for example, your username). We do not require your permission to use these cookies. In addition, these cookies can be used to maintain security and integrity, such as detecting policy violations and supporting or ensuring security.

    Functional cookies:

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    Trust Management

    We manage client funds by investing in stocks of prominent US and global firms that are traded on the world’s largest exchanges, including the NYSE (renowned Wall Street), NASDAQ, BATS, and others, using our methodologies.

    A variety of trust management and advisory services for wealthy individuals looking to invest in global financial markets.


    You put your money in the hands of competent managers and financial engineers with a long history in the financial markets.

    You’ll get expert advice and chances (strategy, deals, and tools) that are generally only available to institutional investors.

    Objectives and strategies

    Brand Affiliate Program

    Customer acquisition collaboration with VantageFX.Inc opens up new revenue options. With VantageFX.Inc’s resources and experience, you can earn a lot of money.

    Rewards for opening and replenishing an account with a calculation scheme.

    Deposit amount, USD

    Remuneration in USD









    Our benefits:

    • Stocks, bonds, commodities futures, currencies, and crypto-volts are just a few of the trading instruments available.
    • Personal assistant. Each partner is assigned a personal manager who will assist you in opening, replenishing, and connecting services in order to facilitate successful trade.
    • Branded widgets and promotional materials are available from us.
    • Commissions are unrestricted.
    • Analytical assistance.
    • Personal account with statistics available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Trading Signals

    On US stock exchanges

    Signals for trading in worldwide markets. Customers who prefer to make trading decisions with the help of specialists can use this service. The investor can design a flexible strategy using trading ideas from a team of analysts and traders in worldwide markets, taking full use of the significant advantages of the American market.

    For wealthy persons who want to invest their money in global financial markets, we provide a variety of trust management and advisory services.


    You put your money in the hands of competent managers and financial engineers with a long history in the financial markets.


    Professional advice as well as opportunities (strategy, transactions, and instruments) that are generally exclusively available to institutional investors are provided.

    Goals and strategies

    You select one of our management options to meet your investment objectives. At the same time, you know exactly how your assets will be managed.


    Management pay is directly proportional to the attainment of stated investment objectives as well as your income.


    Changes in your investment portfolio are under your control. Official financial statements on management results are provided to you.

    Service Benefits:

    • In global markets, operational advice from an asset management team.
    • Personal service – the ability to create a customized trading strategy on US exchanges (NYSE, NASDAQ, BATS, CME, ISE, and others);
    • You have complete control over your account as a consumer.
    • Excellent prices combined with the broker’s high level of trustworthiness;
    • Insurance for your account starting at $ 5000;

    How it works

    Advisory management is typically provided by a broker who employs skilled specialists. As a result, if you want advice but haven’t yet decided on a broker to open an investing account for stock trading, you should go for major, well-established firms like VantageFX.Inc.

    Our professionals have extensive experience dealing with large exchanges, are continually monitoring market conditions, and employ a variety of analysis methodologies as well as their own unique approaches to money and risk management. Furthermore, we offer not only regular e-mailings of investment ideas, but also personal phone assistance on US stock exchanges.

    An additional benefit for you is that the broker’s consultation is always advisory in character, meaning it does not directly push actions but clearly identifies the benefits that can be acquired at a specific moment. At the same time, the trader assesses the transaction’s feasibility on his own, managing his assets as he sees fit.

    Services of an International Broker

    Investment services and activities

    Acceptance and transmission of instructions with respect to one or more financial instruments:

    Individuals and legal businesses can use the company’s services for receiving and transmitting high-quality orders. VantageFX.Inc takes all necessary steps to ensure the acceptable quality of services for the reception and transfer of orders for the purchase and sale of securities, as well as to protect customers’ interests by treating all customers fairly and equally.

    Execution of orders on behalf of clients:

    Investment firms must take all necessary means to achieve the best results while executing an order on behalf of a client, according to the Directive “On the Markets of Financial Instruments.” When executing a transaction on behalf of a client, VantageFX.Inc looks for the best possible conditions, taking into account pricing, cost, speed, probability of execution, and settlements, as well as the size, nature, and other factors affecting order execution.

    Portfolio Management:

    Individual and corporate investors can use VantageFX.Inc’s portfolio management services. We may design a customized portfolio and plan to match the goals and expectations of our customers after identifying defined portfolio management goals. Our expert individual service includes ongoing monitoring of the client portfolio and market circumstances, as well as a quarterly assessment of the outcomes of managing their portfolio through regular communication with our customers, in order to help them accomplish their goals.

    Extra Services

    • Financial instrument storage and management on client accounts, including custody and related services such as asset management and collateral management;
    • Providing a loan or loans to an investor to enable him to conduct transactions with one or more financial products;
    • Transactions in foreign currencies relating to the offering of investment services;
    • Investment research and financial analysis, as well as various forms of general advice on financial instrument transactions;

    Financial Instruments

    •  negotiable securities;
    •  Money market instruments;
    •  Units of collective investment entities;