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Vantage FX PAMM Account

Vantage FX understands every trader is different! That’s why in addition to the Vantage FX Multi Account Manager solution (MAM), we have partnered with an advanced investment management provider to deliver a hassle free PAMM solution tailored for money managers and their investors.
The Vantage FX PAMM system allows traders to manage the funds of multiple investors, all through a single Vantage FX trading account.
When you sign up, you will be given administrative access to our platform to help fast track your investors onboarding procedures, so you can focus on trading and gaining additional income from managing investor’s funds.

Why Choose Vantage FX PAMM

As traders ourselves, we understand that MAM may not always be the ideal solution for all money managers. That’s why the Vantage FX PAMM service is a fully automated solution.
As a money manager, you will gain full control over your performance fee structure. Our ‘Innovative Agent’ account allows Money Managers to attract new clients by introducing a reward system for agents, who could act as your marketer or client introduction agent.
All investments and transactions within the PAMM system are controlled by Vantage FX so you can be confident in the safety and transparency of all transactions.





Features of the Vantage PAMM Solution

  • Fully Automated Onboarding Procedures

  • Flexible Performance Fees Structure

  • No More Rounding Issues

  • Confidentiality of The Master Account's Trading Strategy

  • Flexibility for Investors to Deposit & Withdraw Anytime

  • Allocation Method By Equity

  • Unlimited Investor Accounts

  • Avoiding Entry/Exit Price Difference Between Master & Investors

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