Services of an International Broker

Investment services and activities

Acceptance and transmission of instructions with respect to one or more financial instruments:

Individuals and legal businesses can use the company’s services for receiving and transmitting high-quality orders. VantageFX.Inc takes all necessary steps to ensure the acceptable quality of services for the reception and transfer of orders for the purchase and sale of securities, as well as to protect customers’ interests by treating all customers fairly and equally.

Execution of orders on behalf of clients:

Investment firms must take all necessary means to achieve the best results while executing an order on behalf of a client, according to the Directive “On the Markets of Financial Instruments.” When executing a transaction on behalf of a client, VantageFX.Inc looks for the best possible conditions, taking into account pricing, cost, speed, probability of execution, and settlements, as well as the size, nature, and other factors affecting order execution.

Portfolio Management:

Individual and corporate investors can use VantageFX.Inc’s portfolio management services. We may design a customized portfolio and plan to match the goals and expectations of our customers after identifying defined portfolio management goals. Our expert individual service includes ongoing monitoring of the client portfolio and market circumstances, as well as a quarterly assessment of the outcomes of managing their portfolio through regular communication with our customers, in order to help them accomplish their goals.

Extra Services

  • Financial instrument storage and management on client accounts, including custody and related services such as asset management and collateral management;
  • Providing a loan or loans to an investor to enable him to conduct transactions with one or more financial products;
  • Transactions in foreign currencies relating to the offering of investment services;
  • Investment research and financial analysis, as well as various forms of general advice on financial instrument transactions;

Financial Instruments

  •  negotiable securities;
  •  Money market instruments;
  •  Units of collective investment entities;