Trading Signals

On US stock exchanges

Signals for trading in worldwide markets. Customers who prefer to make trading decisions with the help of specialists can use this service. The investor can design a flexible strategy using trading ideas from a team of analysts and traders in worldwide markets, taking full use of the significant advantages of the American market.

For wealthy persons who want to invest their money in global financial markets, we provide a variety of trust management and advisory services.


You put your money in the hands of competent managers and financial engineers with a long history in the financial markets.


Professional advice as well as opportunities (strategy, transactions, and instruments) that are generally exclusively available to institutional investors are provided.

Goals and strategies

You select one of our management options to meet your investment objectives. At the same time, you know exactly how your assets will be managed.


Management pay is directly proportional to the attainment of stated investment objectives as well as your income.


Changes in your investment portfolio are under your control. Official financial statements on management results are provided to you.

Service Benefits:

  • In global markets, operational advice from an asset management team.
  • Personal service – the ability to create a customized trading strategy on US exchanges (NYSE, NASDAQ, BATS, CME, ISE, and others);
  • You have complete control over your account as a consumer.
  • Excellent prices combined with the broker’s high level of trustworthiness;
  • Insurance for your account starting at $ 5000;

How it works

Advisory management is typically provided by a broker who employs skilled specialists. As a result, if you want advice but haven’t yet decided on a broker to open an investing account for stock trading, you should go for major, well-established firms like VantageFX.Inc.

Our professionals have extensive experience dealing with large exchanges, are continually monitoring market conditions, and employ a variety of analysis methodologies as well as their own unique approaches to money and risk management. Furthermore, we offer not only regular e-mailings of investment ideas, but also personal phone assistance on US stock exchanges.

An additional benefit for you is that the broker’s consultation is always advisory in character, meaning it does not directly push actions but clearly identifies the benefits that can be acquired at a specific moment. At the same time, the trader assesses the transaction’s feasibility on his own, managing his assets as he sees fit.