Trust Management

We manage client funds by investing in stocks of prominent US and global firms that are traded on the world’s largest exchanges, including the NYSE (renowned Wall Street), NASDAQ, BATS, and others, using our methodologies.

A variety of trust management and advisory services for wealthy individuals looking to invest in global financial markets.


You put your money in the hands of competent managers and financial engineers with a long history in the financial markets.

You’ll get expert advice and chances (strategy, deals, and tools) that are generally only available to institutional investors.

Objectives and strategies

You select one of our management options to meet your investment objectives. At the same time, you know exactly how your assets will be managed.


The remuneration of Reward Management is closely linked to the success of stated investment goals and your income.


Changes in your investment portfolio are under your control. Official financial statements on management results are provided to you.

Asset management is a talent that requires a lot of time and dedication to master; nevertheless, not many investors are willing to spend years honing their money management skills. Take advantage of the unique opportunity to transfer your funds to the management of expert market leaders if you want to take advantage of overseas markets but don’t have the time to manage your portfolio.

Benefits of Service:

  1. Excellent track record of returns;
  2. Money management fees are only levied if the value of your investment portfolio increases. This is because we only make money if we make money.
  3. System for risk management that is unique;
  4. Investments in the world’s most important reserve currency, the US dollar;
  5. Money always works in periods of stock market expansion or years of stock market fall.
  6. A minimum of $10,000 is required.
  7. Trust;

Management fees are charged based on the growth in the NAV:

– If the amount on the client’s account is less than $ 100,000 – 25%

– If the amount on the client’s account is from $ 100,000 – 20%

– Brokerage commissions – 1.2 cents per share / min. $ 2.75 per

Fees for exchanges and trading platforms are included in the trade. 

Asset management on the exchange is highly complex. The process necessitates a certain level of knowledge and practical experience that can only be gained by participating in the trading process, which necessitates a financial investment and a significant amount of time that not every trader has. 

VatageFX.Inc’s trusted account management allows you to tackle this problem quickly and efficiently.

How does it work?

You surrender the right to perform transactions to qualified professionals who will identify the most profitable transactions, establish one or more plans, conduct a professional examination, and assess the success of the decisions made using this service. 

At the same time, important decisions must be made (for example, choosing a specific strategy from the proposed list). As a result, you retain control over adjusting your investment portfolio and changing your investment portfolio.

Trust Broker Management is a service that manages trust brokers. In the case of VatageFX.Inc, you’re giving professional managers who’ve worked on world exchanges for years the opportunity to interact with assets, not simply experienced traders. Simultaneously, the outcomes of all of the labor and the effectiveness of the decisions made are documented in official reports.

Both parties are interested in accomplishing these objectives in this scenario because financial managers’ remuneration is closely linked to the execution of specified plans and the amount of income obtained.